Our Blockchain supports digital Humanism

2019 XGiveCoin

You can't find us at cryptomarkets - it's art

We are branding your real money or real paintings

You can mine (proof of work) XGiveCoins or you can it for free.
The exchange rate from XGiveCoins to givecoins is this week 981.88:1
--- depends on quantity of signed artworks.
Get 5000 Givecoins for free - 0.0012 GIVs Remaining - Jan 2019

(X)GiveCoin is a Blockchain by Punkaustria with the genesis block 11.3.2014

The project "Make your own Paperwallet on Banknotes" started 22th June 2018 / Austria / DEPOT Vienna

Next event: “Workshop Lager Nord“ 22.4.2021 13.00 Linz

We print a private key of 10 GiveCoins on a 10 EUR banknote.
Also possible:

... 1 GIVs on 1 USD
100 GIVs on 100 EUR USD
100 GIVs for 100 Crowns
50 GIVs on 50 EURO
5 GIVs on 5 EURO etc....
All currencies accepted, but maximum 100 units.

You can transfer your givecoins easy back to the blockchain. Make your own wallet and insert the private key. Caution! This only works once, after that the virtual value of the bill is integrated back into the blockchain.

Visit our Blockexplorer for givecoins
Make your  Web Wallet for givecoins.

How it Works:

Put your  banknote(s) in a postal envelope send it to:
Our postal address: Punk Austria, Stadtwerkstatt, Kirchengasse 4, 4040 Linz, AUSTRIA
do not forget the return postage
Maximum 100 Units (EUR, USD, CROWNS...)


make a bank transfer: Stadtwerkstatt - Punkaustria IBAN AT25 1860 0000 1930 0763, BIC VKBLAT2L, maximum 100.- EUR.

We will print the privat key on it and send the artwork back to you, this is part of WWA - World Wide Art against old thinking


If you have no banknote you can also draw or paint your own currency!

>-- Send it to us! --
We sign it with a privat key and your "money" becomes a crypto currency with in other sense.
Maximal size: A4
........ and the X-Change rate will rise with each drawing .........


You can mine XGivecoins and exchange them for Givecoins. If you don't have a possibility to mine XGiveCoin, visit us at STWST and we will talk about it.

Let's destroy capitalism, destroy Bitcoins, destroy Fiatmoney. Let's pay with individual things.

Your banknote can become individual

with this individual banknote you have very good conditions to get  Gibling very cheap for the real world.

For people who are in spekulative crypto currencies: GiveCoin are_not 2GIVE && GiveCoin are_not GIVES
Givecoin (GIV) - a art project since 11th march 2014