The GiveCoin

Our information society is driven by our digital culture
reflected and more and more to the truth. But it is only a reference
of the logo. We construct algorythms for our own values
to confirm. Critical positions are by definition untruthful.

The construction of block-chains about "mining" become the basic building
block for this constructed truth. 2nd Life does not happen in a game, but
in our heads.

The Infolab of the STWST deals with these problems of the
Information society apart. We create alternatives to this
Value system.

The value system in the form of money

2012 The Gibling ->
2014 The Givecoin ->
2017 The web and paperwallet of givecoins
2018 The "private key" on the Gibling or the Euro ticket
2019 The XGiveCoin ->

The inevitable "mining" of the XGiveCoins we see free of value and only as
Support of a heating system. "Mining" is therefore morally only in the
Winter justifiable.

We meet every 1st Thursday of the month at 19.00 on the Eleonore.
Unfortunately we have no electricity there and we have to heat wood in the