NEW NEW NEW 2019: The XGiveCoin

Givecoin != 2GIVE

Givecoin is a Blockchain project by Punkaustria -- Feb 2014 -- and a part of the Gibling Project

Make your own Paperwallet on Fiatmoney like Euros for free

Start was 22th June 2018 in DEPOT Vienna

On a 100 EURO you get printed the private key of 100 Givecoins on your Fiatmoney
50 EURO = 50 Givecoins
10 EURO = 10 Givecoins
5 EURO = 5 Givecoins
1 US-Dollar = 1 Givecoin

Visit our Blockexplorer
Make your  Web Wallet.

Come to our Punk Office in Linz - Austria, STWST - Kirchengasse 4
Or send your Money postal(dont forget to send also your address):

Punk Austria
Kirchengasse 4
4040 Linz

You don't have to mine the givecoins - get the first 5000.- Givecoins for free - visit us, Cafe Strom, close to the ars electronica center in Linz.  

Destroy capitalism. Destroy Fiatmoney. Make the real capitalism.